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Membership is open to any person who is interested in supporting and participating in the purposes of the organization. The stated purposes of this organization are:

  • To provide a congenial medium through which persons having an interest in the American Civil War may satisfy that interest and broaden their knowledge of the subject.
  • To provide discussion, lectures, field trips, and a manner of exchanging books, papers and other information and material pertaining to the subject among our members.
  • To support the preservation and protection of the battlefields, historic sites, landmarks, relics, memorabilia and other collections of materials pertaining to the Civil War Era.
  • To honor those who served in this American Civil War and to preserve the valor of their lives in memory.

Each Membership is for a period of one year and includes the HCWRT Dispatch .

Current Memberships are as follows: Individual $20, Family $30, and Full Time Student $5.

New Memberships are as follows: Individual $27 (includes badge), Family $44 (includes two badges), and Full Time Student $7 (includes badge).

You can help HCWRT lower mailing cost, reduce the impact on the environment, and greatly assist the leadership team keep the cost of Membership from increasing by choosing to receive the Dispatch by email.

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