Confederate Standard Bearer

by Don Troiani



Civil War Round Table 62nd Campaign Year


Union Standard Bearer

by Don Troiani

Executive Staff

Executive Officers


President: Steve Smith  
Vice President: John West  
Treasurer: Norm Daniels  
Secretary: Ed Hicks  


Directors (term ends)


Bruce Apgar (6/2022) Joe Boslet (6/2024) Rick Eiserman (6/2021)
Greg Hillebrand (6/2023) Tracy Sommers (6/2026) Steve Williamson (6/2026)


Standing Committees


Preservation & Historic Sites: Curtis Wolf  
Communications/Public Relations: Todd Little  
Programs: Al Mackey  
Field Trips: Steve Smith  
Membership: Don Madar  
Nominating: Linda Meeneghan  
Audit: Kim Ledger  
DISPATCH Newsletter Editor: Tracy Sommers  
Webmaster: John West  


Ad Hoc Committees


Book Raffle: Amy Waterbury  
Reservations: Don Madar  
Chaplain: George Minick  
Information Tech: Bruce Apgar  
Fundraising: John West  
Constitution & Bylaws: Steve Williamson  


Past Presidents



John J. Cobaugh 1959-1960 Robert D. Hoffsommer 1961
Everett K. Cooper 1962 Merlo N. Hartzell 1963
Edwin H. Olmstead 1964-1965 George H. Morgan 1965-1966
Raymond M. Best 1966-1967 James F. Haas 1967-1968
G. Ronald Knouse 1968-1969 Robert J. O’Donnell 1969
Kurt H. Clouser 1969 Thomas R. Leeds 1969-1970
Gerald S. Brinton 1970-1971 Willis R. Kocher 1971-1972
Larry D. Bailey 1972-1973 Richard J. Sommers 1973-1974
Ernest F. Stotler 1974-1975 William D. Matter 1975
Jacquelynne Lapitsky 1975-1976 Joseph M. Boslet 1976-1977
James E. Brommer 1977-1978 William C. Davis 1978-1979
Edwin K. Zechman 1979-1980 Norman L. Daniels 1980-1981
Robert D. Myers 1981-1982 Robert E. Felsburg 1982-1983
James A. Kegel 1983 William G. Williams 1983-1984
G. Craig Caba 1984-1985 James P. Weeks 1985-1986
Thomas L. Schaefer 1986-1987 Ralph M. Mitchell 1987-1988
Richard J. Sommers 1988-1990 William Mangold 1990-1991
William D. Matter 1991-1993 Don L. Lucas 1993-1995
Frederick A. Eiserman 1995-1996 Richard L. Dahlen 1996-1998
Herbert F. Barber 1998-2000 James Monroe 2000-2002
Larry Geesaman 2002-2004 George Bradley 2004-2006
Sheldon A. Munn 2006-2008 Alice Lucas 2008-2010
Joel “Ed” Hicks 2010-2012 Douglas Gibboney 2012-2014
Fred Gosart 2014-2017 Jim Moss, Sr. 2017-2018
Linda Meeneghan 2018-2020    

Please note that all remaining engagements for the 2020-2021 season will be virtual meetings using the Zoom conferencing service.  Each engagement will have a unique set of Zoom credentials that will be posted in that engagement's announcement.