Civil War Round Table
since 1959






Membership is open to any person who is interested in supporting and participating in the mission of the organization, which is:

Membership is for a period of one year and includes the HCWRT newsletter, “The Dispatch.” [You can help the HCWRT lower mailing costs, and reduce the impact on the environment by choosing to receive “The Dispatch” by email.] 

Annual membership dues are as follows: Individual $24, Family $36, Full-Time Student $5Use the mail-in membership form or one of the on-line membership forms at the bottom of this page to re-enlist and pay dues.

Membership dues are due starting July 1st every year. We target September and October for the collection of annual dues from membership. 

Membership Dues Policy for New Members:

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In addition to payment of membership dues, the HCWRT gladly accepts donations from its members to help defray the many costs associated with running our Round Table and to support our preservation efforts.  Dues and donations may be tax deductible; consult your tax advisor to see if you qualify.  Upon request, the HCWRT Treasurer will issue 501(c)(3) letters to to those who who need substantiation of their payment of dues and/or donations for tax purposes.  Use the mail-in membership form above to make donations or the donation button below.