Confederate Standard Bearer

By Don Troiani



Civil War Round Table 59th Campaign Year


Union Standard Bearer

By Don Troiani

Our Story

The Harrisburg Civil War Round Table was organized and established in 1959. Over that time period, the interest of the general public in the Civil War has ebbed and flowed. In contrast, the Harrisburg Civil War Round Table has continually focused on helping its members expand their appreciation for that time in history and to gain better insight into the people and events. Through the contribution and support of its members, the Round Table has long provided a “congenial medium” to facilitate the search for understanding about the war. The search has been a collective effort where we discuss and debate, enjoy the camaraderie, and share our learning with each other.

While it is important to honor and remember the sacrifices of all previous generations in America, we have a special connection to the generation that lived and fought the Civil War. You can feel that connection at our dinner meetings and on our field trips. We have had many meetings where eminent scholars have shared their knowledge and interest though lectures and discussion. One has only to reflect on the numerous present and former members who have spoken at our meetings and are published authors of Civil War articles and books.

But our Round Table is more than just meetings. Through field trips we have had an opportunity to walk the battlefields to visualize and gain insights into the actions and events of that long ago time. The Round Table also endeavors to preserve and protect battlefields, historical sites, landmarks and relics of that era. In the last few years we have supported the placement of local markers recognizing General John Geary and the engagement at Sporting Hill. Most recently, we have adopted a battlefield position and a monument in support of preservation efforts at Gettysburg National Battlefield.

We exist to help satisfy a lasting and fundamental interest in America’s Civil War – one where the search for deeper understanding continues to be an insatiable quest. Our meetings are open to the public who have an interest in the Civil War.